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Richie Crossley is a renowned international photographer,,  and have been operating photographic studios since 1992. He PROUDLY celebrated his 25th Anniversary in August 2016. Shortly coming up to their 30th Anniversary.     

In 2012, Richie and his partner Maria, decided to relocate to South Wales, in Mumbles, Maria's home town. The idea behind this mover was for Richie to retire but, It was impossible for him to just enjoy life and surf only! After settling in their new home in Mumbles, locals found out about Richie's past and things did not take long to progress. In fact it got so busy that he had an "AIM" for this new project and had to find a suitable place for his new clientele. He built up a new team locally and started up a new studio venture with a special aim. Chicstudio, which was based on Swansea's High Street.



This formula was established from his past photographic experiences travelling the world for the past 30 years. The studio in Swansea was opened with a special aim and not just business!  the story is below this paragraph about how all this came about! We also had the fantastic help of Coastal Housing providing us with a discounted rent to help us with our amazing cause.

Now that the studio has closed after 8 years serving for this amazing aim, he will give more time for his personal artistic work. 

"A B O U T   MY  S P E C I A L    A I M"
I was happily plodding along enjoying my so called retirement, and in 2012 few months after the move, my whole life was overturned! Out of the blue, and for no reasons at all, I was struck down with Anxiety & Depression.

Everyone around me thought and seen that I was the usual me, healthy, bubbly, loud and full of life, the matter of the fact was FAR from the truth!
It was that feeling of "EVERYONE" thought I could swim, but actually, I was drowning fast and although I was shouting for help, NO ONE noticed! I beg for dear life but NO ONE could help. 

"Physically, I was able, but mentally I was disabled. "Having everything, a beautiful partner, a nice life and then, out of nowhere this UGLINESS of an illness hits you just like that!!!! No if's or buts! 

But even in this tragic times I was lucky!!! With the support of a "Very Special lady" Dr. H., working for the NHS Mental Health dept. and after sweating blood and tears, she helped me beat this misunderstood illness. This UGLY period had opened my eyes and realised about those in the world less fortunate than myself might not be so lucky! So, to give back, I decided to so something about it!

In 2014 after my recovery, I made a promise to myself that I will re-open a studio and use the help I had and my talent and education to give something back to those less fortunate especially suffering with Anxiety & Depression.

Since then, I built a team of special people that I trusted and we have worked, thought and helped countless of individuals suffering this very UNSUPPORTED illness. We also been given the chance to support and help to various charities, one of them being the Roots Foundation Wales - A fantastic foundation that helps young abused people in care homes or in care.

Having more time without the studio pressures, I am looking forward to offer more help to charities, institutions with disabled people or the less fortunate. I can now organise time for them, and I would love to give these people my experience about mental health and at the same time give them the opportunity to learn and achieve anything to do with this medium. 

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